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Carlos Correa’s comment after drinking first beer: ‘It tastes bad’


Carlos Correa and his Houston Astros teammates enjoyed the sweet taste of victory after shutting out the New York Yankees in a 3-0 AL Wild Card win in the Big Apple. But the 21-year-old rookie phenom admitted something that occurred after the win left a bitter taste in his mouth:

Trying his first beer.

“It tastes bad,” Correa told SI’s Ben Reiter.

Correa recently was the subject of a profile from Reiter and the young slugger told the SI scribe about his experiences with adult beverages.

“Never drank a beer before,” said Correa, who just turned 21 on Sept. 22. “I’ve had wine and champagne, but never a beer. I don’t think that will happen. I don’t know why people look forward to that.”

Given that Correa stands on the brink of a phenomenal major league career and the associated superstardom, odds are good he will be having countless new experiences in the coming weeks, months and years.

(image New York Times)