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Jets coach Todd Bowles’ sweet tooth lands him cookie care package (pic)


New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles apparently has something of a sweet tooth, evidenced by how he is rumored to love partaking in some Chips Ahoy! cookies and a tall glass of cold milk to celebrate a victory. The popular cookie-making company, upon learning of Bowles’ affinity for their product, are sending the head coach a custom cookie care package in tribute of his fondness for their brand.

Chips Ahoy! announced Monday that Bowles is set to receive a care package that includes not only a couple packs of Chips Ahoy! cookies, but also a custom coffee mug along with other brand-related goods, per an ESPN report.

The Jets are off to an impressive 3-1 start under Bowles’ leadership, but the coach doesn’t want his players drinking the Kool-Aid, or perhaps in light of his post-win indulgences, getting their fingers caught in the cookie jar.

“We understand we’ve only played one quarter of the season and all we did is get off to a good start,” Bowles said, via the New York Post. “We haven’t accomplished anything. We know we have a lot of work to do. Our mindset is such.”

Bowles, who seems to be pushing all the right buttons early on, is correct to put the team’s success in its proper perspective, but with the Jets getting their bye in Week 5, the coach unfortunately will have to wait a couple weeks before he can properly enjoy his customized cookie care package. And that’s only if he can lead his team to victory over the Washington Redskins. If a bunch of Chips Ahoy! cookies doesn’t properly motivate Bowles, perhaps nothing will.

No word, either, on whether or not Bowles opts for harder stuff following losses. You know, like pecan sandies or ginger snaps or something of that ilk.