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Matt Harvey a no-show at Mets’ mandatory workout, GM not sure why


There was one player of note not present for the New York Mets’ mandatory workout Tuesday ahead of the team’s NLDS showdown with the Los Angeles Dodgers:

Matt Harvey.

The pitcher was the only one of 27 players either on the Mets’ playoff roster or on the bubble who wasn’t in attendance. And given how his name routinely makes an appearance whenever controversy arises, his absence was more than conspicuous.

Perhaps even more surprising is how Mets general manager Sandy Alderson couldn’t explain why one of the team’s top players didn’t show up for the mandatory workout.

“I’m not sure of the explanation,” Alderson said while acknowledging that Harvey was indeed absent.

The fact that Alderson doesn’t appear to know — or isn’t willing to disclose — the reason behind Harvey’s absence arguably speaks volumes. At the very least, it leads to the suspicion this wasn’t an excused absence in the purest sense of the term.

Harvey is slated to start Game 3 against the Dodgers next Monday and it remains to be seen if his no-show Tuesday will have any impact on his status, although odds are everything will be cleared up in the coming days and the pitcher will make his scheduled appearance.

But for a team riding high in its first appearance in the postseason since 2006, a distraction such Harvey’s absence certainly could be viewed as an unwelcome development, no matter how it resolves itself. This is especially true given how the team had to manage his innings after a contentious public back-and-forth with his agent over a perceived innings limit following the pitcher’s Tommy John surgery.

Harvey, though, indicated earlier this week the innings limit controversy was behind him and the team.

“I think all those innings talks, I think I’m done talking about that,” he said. “I think everybody is kind of sick of that. We’re concentrating on the playoffs, we’re ready to go and I think we’ve kind of put all of that behind of us.”

Failing to show up for a mandatory workout can now replace all that chatter, maybe.

UPDATE: Reports indicate Harvey had been in contact with Mets skipper Terry Collins (via Deadspin).

So there’s that.