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Giants ‘cautiously optimistic’ Jason Pierre-Paul can return for last four games


The protracted saga of Jason Pierre-Paul’s ultimate return to the playing field with the New York Giants took another turn Tuesday when reports indicated the team is “cautiously optimistic” the defensive lineman may be able to get back in the lineup for the final quarter of the regular season.

The report, filed by Newsday’s Bob Glauber, indicates a lot of things have to fall into place for that eventuality to play out. Pierre-Paul of course suffered a severe hand injury in a July 4th fireworks accident that resulted in at least his index finger and portions of his thumb and middle finger being amputated, as well as burns so severe he required skin grafts.

“If he gets back for four games, that would be good,” the source told Glauber. “If it’s more, that would be a bonus.”

Subsequent reports regarding the condition of Pierre-Paul’s hand have indicated the severity of the injuries suffered may be even more severe than originally feared. The Giants believe the extensive injuries won’t prevent Pierre-Paul from being able to play as long as skin grafts used to repair his hand and fingers are strong enough.

leaving his ultimate availability still unclear at this late stage.

Giants head coach Coughlin previously deemed the entire debacle a “fiasco” due to an extended period of time leading up to and including training camp when Pierre-Paul was mostly incommunicado with the team outside of a few discussions with management, coaches and a couple of teammates, something that has frustrated team owner John Mara to no end.

Pierre-Paul’s antics in late August when he used a ridiculous decoy to duck media at a charity event and also cracked a joke on Twitter about his amputated index finger, also has added to the strangeness of the entire situation.

In the end, Pierre-Paul, who has not signed a $14.8 million franchise tender and is technically a free agent, has until Nov. 17 to sign a deal with the Giants. Otherwise, he will not be able to play at all this season.