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Alex Rodriguez ripped in lifelong Yankees fan’s obituary


Alex Rodriguez became the latest prominent athlete or team to be on the receiving end of some serious shade in a deceased fan’s obituary.

Actually, to call Helen Fowler, 85, a fan of A-Rod wouldn’t be accurate in any respect, as evidenced by how the slugger was singled out in her obituary published in The Star-Ledger.

“Mrs. Fowler was a former member of the Cranford First Aid Squad and a lifelong Yankees fan, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez,” the obit reads.



Potshots at prominent pro athletes — or teams — in obituaries isn’t an all that rare occurrence, either. A Minnesota Twins fan’s obituary made mention of how the deceased was mad at Joe Mauer prior to his passing. An obituary for a Pittsburgh Steelers fan alluded to how the team’s 2014 season partly contributed to the person’s death. And a lifelong New York Mets fan’s obituary featured a fantastic zinger at the expense of the team.

But potshots and zingers aren’t the only way sports can intersect with the published memorials of the recently passed. A NASCAR fan’s obituary noted how the man went to be with Dale Earnhardt. The obituary for an obviously devoted Alabama Crimson Tide backer said the deceased had shuffled off this mortal coil to be with “Bear” Bryant.

With that in mind, A-Rod can take solace in the fact that he wasn’t the first athlete to get zinged in an obituary … and he most certainly won’t be the last.