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Jason Witten admits he hasn’t tried ‘Witten’s Lucky Stars’ cereal


Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten revealed something incriminating about himself related to a cereal named in his honor.

“Witten’s Lucky Stars,” a limited edition knockoff of Lucky Charms, hit store shelves in select Dallas-area stores this week. And even though Witten is prominently featured on the box cover and an undisclosed portion of the proceeds from sales go to his SCORE Foundation, the tight end still hasn’t tried it.

“I haven’t, no,” Witten said, via The Dallas Morning News. “You know, I think they’re in the process of getting a box to me.”

When asked why he would actually admit such a thing, Witten pleaded ignorance.

“Well, we started talking about it before the TV cameras were turned on,” he said. “I need your guys help a little bit.’

Later while engaging in some witty banter with a reporter about how the cereal is the real “Breakfast of Champions,” it was asked if the cereal can even turn a media member into an ironman NFL player. Witten hedged his bets.

“It might work out for you,” he said. “Tell me how it tastes too, I need a review.”

Cereals named after superstar tight ends isn’t even a novel concept, either. After all, the New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski already had his “Gronk Flakes” debut years ago. It’s reasonable to assume “They’rrrrrre Grrrronk!”

Regarding “Lucky Stars,” odds are similarly good that the cereal is “Wittenly delicious!” Or something.