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Calvin Pace: Bringing TP to London makes Jets ‘best organization in football’


Calvin Pace utilizes an entirely different set of criteria when measuring the quality of an NFL organization, that much is clear.

The New York Jets linebacker lavished praise upon the organization for sparing no expense and refusing to allow any detail — however minute or seemingly trivial — to go unchecked in its preparations for the trip to London for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium. Pace specifically singled out how the Jets — among its myriad cargo for the flight across the pond — packed 350 rolls of double-ply toilet paper as the Brits apparently only go the single-ply route.

And that commitment to comfort makes the Jets the tops, so says Pace.

“We’re the best organization in football, man,” he said after practice Friday in London, via the New York Daily News. “Sometimes you guys write articles about us that don’t say that. But this place, they’ll do anything for you. I mean, who brings toilet paper? Little things like that make your trip easier. If it’s a good thing for us, if it helps us win, I’m all for it.”

It’s unlikely higher-quality toilet paper will have a direct impact upon the team’s play, but doing anything and everything to ensure the players don’t feel too uncomfortable so far away from home certainly is commendable.

The amusing aside about the Jets bringing along TP to London was met with some surliness by the British media and head coach Todd Bolwes attempted to sidestep the issue altogether.

Pace, meanwhile, says he hadn’t tried out the toilet paper but was excited to give the two-play rolls a test spin, as it were.

“No not yet,” Pace said. “Maybe when I get back (to the team hotel). At least I know I’ll have some familiar toilet paper.”

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