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Yankees fan who botched catching three balls tells his story


A New York Yankees fan who presumably is not relishing his 15 minutes of fame after he became comedic fodder on the Internet, morning news shows and pretty much everywhere else after he hilariously botched catching three balls has been identified.

Meet Will Smith, who was tracked down by Esquire. A designer by trade at an architecture firm, Smith explains that he could not believe the premium seats he scored from a friend, but didn’t realize his close proximity to the field would put him in a position to be the punchline of so many jokes.

Smith understood his misplays would get some play but had no idea just how the epic tale of his butterfingers would take on a life of its own.

“This morning I woke up and my phone was blowing up, and I was like this is everywhere—on the Today Show, everywhere. My buddy texted me and said I was on the local news in Toronto,” Smith told Esquire. “It’s brutal. I’ve been getting it from everyone. It’s hard to get work done. My boss took away my phone.”

Smith then broke down each humiliating miss, including his characterization of his first crack at catching a souvenir.

“… I was thinking, That’s going to track back a little further, and it got lost in the stadium lights and I was like, Oh ****, that’s coming right at me.”

Regarding the second foul ball, Smith takes issue with how it and the previous one appeared easier given replays were in slo-mo, saying, “… the first two were smoked. You show me the percent of Americans that can catch that foul ball.”

And the epic miss on trying to catch a ball tossed to him? Smith says the third base coach didn’t do him any favors and “after half a dozen beers at a baseball game, you’re not working your best.”

Despite becoming the butt of so many jokes, Smith hopes to pay another visit to Yankee Stadium soon enough.

“It would be fun to go to another game,” he said, adding, “with a glove on.”

Good call.

(image via scoopnest)