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Marshawn Lynch plays on anti-media bias for pest control service ad (vid)


While Marshawn Lynch’s staunch resistance to playing ball with the media according to NFL policies has subjected him to considerable fines, it has proven to be at least minimally lucrative to the Seattle Seahawks running back on the endorsement front.

Lynch’s latest attempt at parlaying his anti-media stance comes with a commercial for Seattle-based Stop Bugging Me Pest Control in which he utilizes part of the company’s moniker in responding to ridiculous inquiries from the media by answering every inane question with “Stop bugging me.”

Lynch’s repetitive response is of course reminiscent — at least in tone — of his “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” routine from his dealings with the media in the buildup to Super Bowl XLIX earlier this year.

All in all, it’s a pretty clever spot that likely wasn’t one of Lynch’s most profitable endorsement endeavors, but it looks like Lynch enjoyed riffing on his media-averse personality.

Still, while amusing, his pest control promotions won’t make anyone forget his hilarious appearance on a home shopping channel to sell Skittles. That was awkward and comedic gold.