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Colts punter feared punch from Chuck Pagano if run for first down failed


Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee jokingly said he feared he would be punched in the face upon his return to the sidelines if his attempt to convert a first down on a botched snap failed during the team’s 35-33 win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

McAfee ended up getting the required 18 yards for the first down — a risky move given the 4th down play came from the Colts’ 20-yard line and the team down 24-14 in the second half. He said after the game he’s “kinda got the green light” when situations such as the one presented to him occurs, but it’s a “situational thing,” meaning if he fails, it’s on him.

“If I happen to get a snap that brings me out of the pocket a little bit and I see that the edge is wide open, I kinda got the green light,” he said, via Stampede Blue by way of Pro Football Talk.  “And that’s talked about probably once in training camp, but if that situation ever pops up, you know you’d better go ahead and get it.”

McAfee jokingly did admit that he may have had to pay the price if his attempt failed.

“But if I don’t get it there, I’m probably walking back to a punch in the face from Coach Pagano and Tom McMahon, our special teams coach,” he said.

McAfee revealed during the summer that he was giving the world of stand-up comedy a shot. His joke about fearing physical violence from his coaches seems to indicate he’s got the sense of humor for it.