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Nationals remove Jonathan Papelbon jerseys from team store (pic)

The Washington Nationals on Monday removed Jonathan Papelbon jerseys from the team store ahead of the team’s 2015 season home finale.

The Papelbon jerseys, which were prominently placed next to jerseys of Bryce Harper — the closer’s enemy combatant in an ugly dugout skirmish during Sunday’s game, something that resulted in team suspending him — had been replaced by jerseys of pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

Regarding Papelbon’ immediate future, between the Nationals’ four-game suspension for his dust-up with Harper and the three-game suspension levied in the wake of another incident involving Papelbon last week, the closer effectively is done for the season.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Papelbon returns with the Nationals next season — probably slim to none despite the fact he is under contract with the team and carries an $11 million salary in 2016 — the decision to yank his jersey certainly doesn’t bode well. Given how the team collapsed under the arguable mismanagement of Matt Williams, simple logic would dictate that if there were any memorabilia bearing the manager’s name for sale in the team store, those items would have been pulled as well.