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Jerry Jones: It’s ‘BS’ to take Brandon Weeden praise as shot at Troy Aikman


Jerry Jones arguable overuse of hyperbole when singing the praises of Brandon Weeden last week was jokingly used to infer that Jones was suggesting that Weeden was a superior quarterback to Troy Aikman. Not so, says the Dallas Cowboys owner.

It all started when Jones dug himself a bit of a hole by saying the following about Weeden’s gifts as a quarterback:

“This quarterback Weeden can drive the ball down field,” he said on 105.3 The Fan last week. “He’s a thing of beauty on throwing a football. His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it.”

Jimmy Johnson decided to ask Troy Aikman about Jones’ fawning over Weeden during FOX’s NFL pregame show Sunday, eliciting the following back-and-forth by former Cowboys greats, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News.

Johnson (smiling): “Jerry Jones said this week that Brandon Weeden throws the prettiest ball he’s ever seen. How did that make you feel?”

Aikman (laughing): “Well, not too good.”

Jones on Tuesday attempted to the put the kibosh on any notion that he believes Weeden is a better quarterback than Aikman.

“Because I said Weeden had a big beautiful stroke, I got accused of saying, ‘Well, he can throw a better ball than Aikman.’ Now that’s BS,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “We all know that. We all know that.”

While that’s all well and good — and frankly, there’s no way Jones actually thinks Weeden is the superior quarterback in the first place — Jones caused all the “trouble” with his excessively fawning praise of Weeden.

Now Jones has to hope Weeden isn’t overly sensitive and offended by his clarifying comments … unless reports indicating that Matt Cassel is rapidly gaining a good grasp on the Cowboys offense means Weeden might be riding the pine come Sunday.

But that might just spawn some more hyperbolic comments from the brash Cowboys owner about his new starting quarterback. Stay tuned.