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Andy Reid riffs on Bill Belichick quip, invokes ‘on to Cincinnati’ (vid)


The Kansas City Chiefs took their lumps at Lambeau Field Monday night, losing to the Green Bay Packers by a score 38-28. As is often the case when a head coach is presented with such a loss, Andy Reid stressed the team will not dwell too long on the disappointing events of the evening and instead will immediately switch gears and begin preparing for their upcoming opponent.

But while doing so, Reid, much like several of his head coaching brethren have over the past year or so, stole a page from Bill Belichick’s “How to Obstinately Deal with the Media” playbook by invoking a phrase that essentially has become a cliched coach-speak response following a tough loss.

Yep, Reid went the “on to Cincinnati” route following the game.

After taking the blame for the loss — “It was my fault,” Reid insisted — he got Belichickian on the media.

Given that the 1-2 Chiefs do in fact face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Reid’s comment certainly was apropos. But as we have seen in other cases — New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, for instance — it matters little the identity of the next week’s opponent,  a coach can simply replace “Cincinnati” with another town or the appropriate team name.