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Bill Parcells goes on rant about young QBs, seems to single out RG3


Legendary NFL head coach Bill Parcells is about as old school as they come, and showed it when he went on a rant to bemoan how young quarterback are coddled coming into the league, something that fosters an environment where they develop an undeserved sense of entitlement.

And perhaps more than anything else, the gist of Parcells’ comments made it seem he was specifically singling out Robert Griffin III, suggesting that how quickly the Washington Redskins quarterback was anointed the “Next Big Thing” possibly hampered his development.

“Don’t get me started on these quarterbacks,” Parcells said during an appearance on Rich Eisen’s podcast, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “They get lauded in the draft — you guys do it on NFL Network, you build it up, you build it up. And pretty soon they go ‘I’m gonna be a high pick, I’m pretty important.’ And then the next thing is the apparel companies and the power drink companies and Subway sandwiches — they don’t want to miss the next Peyton Manning, so they reinforce that importance of the player by going after him and giving him these endorsements, and then he really thinks he’s important. And then the agent comes along and he says we’ve got to build our brand. That’s one step from the bus station.”

When asked what can be done about it, Parcells — arguably erroneously — brought up the examples  of Andrew Luck (“You don’t see him doing any of that stuff, do you?”) and Tony Romo (“He had to grind his way onto the team.”) while adding:

“They’re high picks, they’re lauded, they’re paid money, they give up draft choices for them, the apparel companies want them, the power drink companies want them, and they forget they’ve got to play,” he said. “They’re too busy building their brand. They’ve got to play.”

Eisen specifically asked Parcells if he would include Griffin in that group, the NFL icon doubled-down on his anti-RG3 rant.

“Sure!” Parcells said. “Would I? He’s the poster boy!”‘