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Rockies send champagne to playoff-clinching Pirates’ clubhouse (pic)


The Pittsburgh Pirates clinched a spot in Major League Baseball’s postseason for the third consecutive season courtesy of Wednesday’s 13-7 win over the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. And the home team, mired in a horrible losing season, did its best to assist the Pirates in celebrating the playoff berth.

When the Pirates returned to the the visitor’s clubhouse following the win, they were greeted with flutes filled with champagne fashioned into a makeshift team logo and a Pirates postseason cap.

A generous gesture, indeed.

In a show of appreciation to the Rockies — and especially the stadium cleaning staff — the Pirates took it easy on the clubhouse, enjoying the bubbly with a toast and some sips sans the typical chaotic, champagne-spraying mess.

Classy stuff on all fronts.

(image via Lindy Sports)