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Rex Ryan on sideline antics: ‘I gotta control my language I think a little bit’


Rex Ryan obviously has a fiery personality and can get pretty keyed up on game day. But sometimes that blustery bravado can get him in trouble, as was the case during the Buffalo Bills’ loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday when he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing with officials over a pass interference call.

Ryan understands that players often take on the personality of their coach, and given how the Bills have been an undisciplined bunch so far this season — 14 penalties in Sunday’s loss, 32 total on the season through only two games — and he acknowledged that he has to set a higher standard for himself, and in turn, for the team.

“I think if I have to do a better job of staying in control too and this team’s very much like me,” Ryan said Wednesday. “I have to hold myself accountable just like I hold the team accountable, and so it starts with me.

“I’m gonna be not as animated or whatever if you will. You know I gotta control my language I think a little bit sometimes on the sideline. I think that’ll help, that’s gonna be the first thing and then our team as well.

“We want to be the least penalized team in the league and that’s kind of a goal we’re shooting for moving forward. Probably dead last in the league right now but we want to be the least-penalized team.”

Ryan is correct that the Bills are the most penalized team in the NFL. But Ryan has worked hard to develop a cult of personality around himself through which he’s portrayed as a “Shoot first, ask later” kind of leader, and it has served him well. No one really believes that Ryan is going to change at this stage of the game, so it makes little sense for him to suggest that’s his plan.