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Jerry Jones says how Cowboys navigate injury woes will be ‘inspirational’


Jerry Jones delivered some pretty profound proselytizing Thursday when he told reporters that not only will the Dallas Cowboys successfully navigate the substantial injury woes that have befallen the team, it will be a powerful experience for all involved.

“We have to figure out ways to excel and win and when we do, it should be inspirational,” Jones said, per The Dallas Morning News.

The undefeated Cowboys of course have been rocked by injuries in the season’s first two games, with Dez Bryant going down with a foot injury in a Week 1 win over the New York Giants and Tony Romo suffering a fractured left clavicle in a Week 2 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jones also said it’s up to the players and coaches to come together and weather the rash of injuries and if the they do so, the team will be better for it in the end.

“If we improve from within because they’re not here, and then we have them come back, which will make us better when they do return, then I think we have a chance to be a better team,” he said. “That’s certainly the way I look at it.

“But from the standpoint of them not being here and falling off the map, I don’t see that at all. The game is not designed that way. There are too many people who have to get on the field and play the game.”

Regarding Bryant, out 3-5 weeks if not longer following surgery, Jones said the star wide receiver is well on the road to recovery and that the “pain is going away by the day.”

The bombastic and ever-positive Cowboys owner is frequently prone to hyperbole, so his comments come as no surprise. Further, it would serve no purpose for Jones to take a doom-and-gloom approach. Onward and upward, as the saying goes. Although it warrants mentioning that Jones said his initial reaction to Romo’s injury made him feel “as low as a crippled cricket’s ass,” so there’s that.