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David Wright calls f-bomb dropped on Freddie Freeman ‘playful’


David Wright was caught on camera dropping a not-so-friendly “f-you” on Freddie Freeman during Wednesday’s New York Mets-Atlanta Braves tilt, but the Mets captain downplayed the exchange following the team’s 6-3 loss.

The vulgar greeting occurred at first base during the seventh inning after Wright hit a game-tying single. Wright’s f-bomb may have been precipitated by Freeman’s game-tying, two-run double in the top-half of the inning … or that’s how Wright is explaining it.

“I have animated conversations with a lot of people,” Wright said of the exchange. “Freddie is a thorn in our side. It’s fun to get that competitiveness back and forth. I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight. He comes off the bench and kills us again. So I’ll be glad to get rid of him and Andrelton Simmons and everybody else that beats us up over there. Freddie came in and singlehandedly beat us tonight. That’s why he is who he is. It just seems like he elevates his game against us.”

When it was suggested that the f-bomb appeared to be delivered in anger, Wright downplayed the notion.

“In what? In anger? I am angry at him,” he said. “He hit a two-run double and then a three-run homer. I am angry at him, but more in a playful way. Freddie and I, we go back and forth every now and then. It’s nothing more than just competitive banter.”

As Wright noted, Freeman’s three-run homer in the ninth sealed the victory for the Braves, but that came after Wright’s colorful comments. It looks like the two-run double in the seventh was all it took. Or at least Wright is sticking to that story.

(GIF via Deadspin)