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David Ortiz receives $100,000 offer to star in adult film

David Ortiz mentioned in a hilarious fill-in-the-blank exercise for The Players’ Tribune that his dream job — outside of being a major league baseball player, of course — would be a “pornstar.”

Well, the Boston Red Sox slugger’s dreams of being an adult film star could be realized if he takes up Vivid Media on its $100,00 offer to star in flick tentatively entitled “Big Papi’s Slugger,” TMZ reports.

The gossip site reportedly has heard from Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch that an official offer currently is being written up and that the “script” involves Ortiz and four or five women, as Hirsch so eloquently states that Big Papi’s “personality is too big for just one.”

Alrighty then. While there is virtually zero chance that Ortiz will take Vivid up on the offer, it was nice that at least one member of the adult film industry was kind enough to extend it. Kind of.