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Cal Ripken says Matt Harvey is in a ‘no-win situation’


The battle between the New York Mets and superagent Scott Boras over a proposed strict innings limit for Matt Harvey has put the pitcher in a “no-win situation,” so says renowned baseball ironman Cal Ripken.

Ripken, now a TBS analyst, was in New York to promote the network’s upcoming postseason coverage, made an appearance on the Daily News SportsTalk podcast, and essentially intimated nothing short of a championship will save Harvey’s hide.

“It’s gotta be really, really hard for him,” he said. “The only way he can win is if he pitches maybe once in each series and the Mets go on to win the World Series, then the story has a happy ending.”

The Mets and Harvey are embroiled in a controversy surrounding the innings Harvey’s Tommy John surgery-repaired arm should be subjected to in his first season since the procedure in October of 2013. Boras has butted heads with Mets brass while arguing Harvey should adhere to the strict 180 innings limit suggested by Dr. James Andrews.

Ripken of course knows a thing or two (or 2,632) about what it takes to enjoy a long career in the big leagues, says Harvey must balance the needs of the Mets — set to embark upon its first trip to the postseason since 2006 — while at the same time doing his due diligence to make sure he doesn’t put his career longevity at risk.

“To me, the sad part about it is when you are right here on the edge of making the playoffs, you don’t know if you are going to be back in that situation again,” he said. “Your team is fighting to try to win the World Series, they feel this is their best opportunity and you want to try to put your best foot forward, so it’s a really difficult situation to be in.”