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Rory McIlroy says $10M FedEx Cup prize doesn’t mean much to him


Rory McIlroy was just being honest, but his comments about how the $10 million that goes with winning the FedEx Cup wouldn’t mean that much to him at this point in his extremely profitable pro golf career likely will rub some folks the wrong way.

McIlroy, the world’s No. 2 player, said he wants to win the FedEx Cup at the Tour Championship this week, but the payoff has more to do with the esteem afforded by winning the season-long chase than bolstering his already-overflowing bank accounts.

“Luckily, that amount of money doesn’t sort of mean much to me anymore,” McIlroy said Wednesday, via Devil Ball Golf.

“It will go in the bank and if I want to buy something nice, I will. I mean, like, it’s nice to think that you could win $10 million this week, but that’s not what excites me. It excites me to play well and to try and win.”

The 26-year-old’s comments arguably are a bit flippant and certainly come across as tone deaf. But McIlroy arguably has every right to feel the way he does. After all, he has amassed enough of a fortune through his play on the course and his many endorsements off of it to have an estimated net worth of anywhere between $48.5 million and $65 million (depending on the source).

McIlroy also acknowledged that the life of a successful golfer on the PGA Tour is a pretty good one.

“We’re playing for over a million dollars (for first place) every week,” he said. “We’re in such a fortunate position and I think everyone on Tour realizes that. The majority of the guys that are out here know that their kids will be OK, their kids can go to college, their kids will probably be OK as well. So to be able to set up the next couple of generations of your family for a nice life, it’s very fortunate and very privileged that we’re able to do that.”