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Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins zings Rex Ryan in compliment to Jets


The Philadelphia Eagles are in complete free fall mode at 0-2 and in order to avoid an 0-3 start that most certainly would sink their season, the team faces the daunting task of heading to East Rutherford, N.J., to face a red hot, undefeated New York Jets team.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins understands the formidable challenge that faces the team Sunday at MetLife Stadium, one made all that more difficult because he believes the new Jets head coach, Todd Bowles, is an improvement over the last one, Rex Ryan.

While addressing the media Tuesday, Jenkins delivered a savage zinger at Ryan’s expense, who of course now is running the show¬† in Buffalo with the Bills.

“This isn’t the Jets that you saw last year, this is a team that’s well-coached,” Jenkins quipped, via a tweet from Metro New York’s Kristian Dyer.

As rough as the rip was on Ryan, there are some elements of truth to it. While few dispute that Ryan possesses a brilliant mind when it comes to the defensive side of the ball, there have been perceived shortcomings when it comes to his head coaching acumen, something even he acknowledged following the Bills’ loss Sunday to the Patriots when he admitted he had been outcoached by Bill Belichick.

Further, Ryan’s bluster and bravado can often come off as a bit over the top, even forced, something that arguably can end up backfiring while serving as a distraction to his players.

Bowles, meanwhile, appears to be pushing all the right buttons with the Jets — allowing the players to wear sweatpants on the flight home after Monday night’s victory over the Colts was a nice touch — and has his team humming and flying high early on the season.

Ryan’s act has certainly re-energized Buffalo and there are worse things than sitting at 1-1 after facing the Patriots in one of those games. It remains to be seen if Jenkins’ slam of Ryan proves accurate in his second head coaching stint in Western New York.