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Chip Kelly surly with media over questions about poor play, QB


Chip Kelly may be starting to feel the pressure over the suspicion that his grand mad scientist experiment is collapsing under the weight of its own hype if his standoffish and surly demeanor with the media is any indication.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach was surly, churlish and sarcastic during a conference call Wednesday with the New York media ahead of his team’s showdown Sunday with the New York Jets.

Kelly was asked if he has considered inserting Mark Sanchez at quarterback given the ineffective and erratic play of incumbent (and hand-picked) starter Sam Bradford, which elicited the following exchange, via the New York Post.

“No,” Kelly said.

The reporter then asked why not?

“Excuse me? Because Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback,” Kelly said.

“Any chance Sanchez could play?” the reporter followed with.

“Are you Mark’s agent?” Kelly said.

Kelly obviously didn’t appreciate the line of questioning, even if the inquiries were fair in light of the Eagles’ awful 0-2 start. He then appeared to throw his players — also hand-picked by him, it’s worth noting — under the bus, subtly suggesting it is execution, not his scheme, that has caused the Eagles to get off to such a horrific start.

“I think we’ve been varied in our two games, and through our preseason and everything, we’ve been doing a different job, changing formations and things like that. When you’re not successful, I think guys are grasping at excuses, to be honest with you. We still need to block and tackle,” Kelly said, via Pro Football Talk. “What I’m saying is we need to execute.”

While Kelly’s assertion that the team’s execution may be lacking may be accurate in some respects, it appears at least during his conference call he wasn’t willing to place any of the blame upon himself and his coaching staff for the Eagles’ struggles. Head coaches often bristle when questioned about a team’s failings, but even Kelly has to realize that there are several reasons why the Eagles are in an 0-2 hole, including how his own vaunted offensive scheme isn’t working.