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Sean Payton on Saints’ struggles: ‘Clark Kent’s not walking in the door’


The New Orleans Saints received a bit of good news when it was revealed that Drew Brees was diagnosed with only a bruised rotator cuff, not a more severe injury, and may even be able to play in Sunday’s showdown with the Carolina Panthers.

But Brees’ availability is only putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound, says Saints head coach Sean Payton, as he pointed out the team faces a multitude of problems to solve if it hopes to recover from an 0-2 start.

Payton curiously made reference to Superman’s alter-ego — not the Man of Steel himself — when describing the obstacles the team will have to navigate with the players in uniform, which some believe lacks the talent to be competitive.

“Look, we’ve got this roster right now, and Clark Kent’s not walking in the door,” Payton said.

Payton observed that the Saints must clean up their in-game execution and discipline, specifically in the turnover department, if they hope to turn around their season.

“It’s not one big thing. It’s not as easy as saying, ‘Hey, this is the one thing we gotta fix,’” he said. “It’s generally a handful of things you’ve got to be a little more efficient at.”

The Saints are committing far too many penalties and turning the ball over far too often that it doesn’t matter if a healthy Brees is under center or not, the team will not win football games operating in that manner.

Payton made a point that making “wholesale changes” to the lineup, philosophy, etc. can be dangerous, so righting the ship will be more about staying the course and improving upon execution than anything else.

Some have speculate that the Payton-Brees partnership, while a lethal combination that yielded tremendous success over the years, may have reached its expiration date. While that remains to be seen, as Payton noted, no bespectacled newsman will be showing up to save the day. Nor will — in keeping with the coach’s Clark Kent statement — Bruce Wayne, apparently, for that matter.