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Cam Newton to host, produce new Nickelodeon ‘docu-series’


Cam Newton will make a foray into the world of television as it is being reported that the Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback has been attached as host and executive producer of a “new adventure-filled docu-series” slated to air in 2016 on Nickelodeon.

Entitled, “I Wanna Be,” the show reportedly has been green-lighted for a 20-series season. The partneship between Nickelodeon and Newton originally was announced in June but it appears a concept has been finally determined.

“‘I Wanna Be’ will follow Newton as he takes real kids on the ride of their lives to help make their dreams come true,” Nickelodeon’s press release reads, via Black and Blue Review. “In each episode Newton will step into the lives of two different kids and take them on a journey that will push them closer to fulfilling their dreams.”

Sure, it’s no “You Can’t Do That On Television,” but it certainly has potential.

Newton stated he is looking forward to venturing into the world of television, especially given it will involve kids.

“Time in the spotlight has made me realize the importance of creating positive messages to inspire the next generation,” he said. “I’m very passionate about mentoring young people, and this show will be the perfect opportunity to help talented kids get the chance to pursue their dreams. And to be able to do it all on Nickelodeon — a network I grew up watching — is extremely exciting.”

Newton obviously is charismatic and his playful attitude and laid back demeanor would seem to play well and resonate with children … well, most of them