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Eagles corner Nolan Carroll tackles fan who ran onto field (video)


A fan who stormed the field during the second half of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 20-10 home loss to the Dallas Cowboys received a deserved dose of punishment when Nolan Carroll corralled him before planting him into the turf of Lincoln Financial Field.

Granted, the Eagles cornerback didn’t bring down the field invader with a ton of force, but it certainly put a quick stop to the foolish act. The fan — who appeared either dazed and/or inebriated — was quickly escorted off the field by stadium security.

The idiotic antics obviously wasn’t showcased during the FOX broadcast — as doing so arguably only encourages other buffoons to perpetrate such insipid shenanigans, but Noah Bullard of Dallas’ NBC 5 posted a field-level view of Caroll’s takedown.

This obviously wasn’t the first time a player has deservedly used some semblance of force and physicality to put an end to an act of field trespassing, but Carroll’s measured response earns him a kudos, especially given how upset he must have been with the Eagles’ woeful performance in its home debut. This guy probably is lucky he wasn’t on the receiving end of the full force of Carroll’s frustration.