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Chip Kelly on loss: ‘Very disappointing, we couldn’t get anything started’


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly stated the obvious following a 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, calling the underwhelming performance “very disappointing,”  before adding that the offense “couldn’t get anything started.”

Still, despite an 0-2 record following an offseason loaded with hype bolstered by the acquisition of DeMarco Murray — and some lingering questions about the decision to bring in Sam Bradford in exchange for Nick Foles, Kelly said he believes “everybody on offense is going to figure it out.”

Murray, ineffective at best in his first two games with the Eagles, had an extremely poor showing against his former team, managing a paltry two yards on 13 carries. But Kelly said after the game that the woeful rushing performance isn’t entirely Murray’s fault.

“I don’t think the running backs even had time to assess if there was a hole,” he said, via the Eagles’ official site. “Just too much penetration up front, and too many guys in the backfield.”

Kelly also pointed a finger at himself and the coaching staff for how the Eagles have stumbled their way into a precarious position in pursuit of the postseason. After all, of the 45 teams that have started 0-2 since 2009, only two have made the playoffs.

Still, the Eagles’ head coach/mad scientist insists the team has to stick together while figuring things out, mentioning how the team has worked its way out of slumps in both of his first two seasons at the helm in Philadelphia.

“We’ve been there, and we understand that,” he said. “(But) just because we went through it before doesn’t mean we’re going to get it straightened out … We’ll evaluate everything, (like) we evaluated everything then.”

A division title in the weak NFC East arguably is still in reach, given how the 2-0 Cowboys are dealing with devastating injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, the New York Giants are similarly 0-2 and the Washington Redskins certainly don’t strike fear in the hearts of its rivals.

Still, if Kelly and company are going to figure things out, they better do so soon and notch a victory against the New York Jets next Sunday.