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Pelicans unveil Mardi Gras-inspired ‘Pride’ jerseys (pics)


The New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday unveiled the team’s foray into the NBA’s “Pride” uniforms to celebrate the city’s intrinsic and inseparable ties to Mardi Gras.

The New Orleans-based NBA squad originally donned the festive unis back when the team was called the Hornets, but decided to bring them back to dazzle the rods and cones in fans’ eyes once again.

The return of the Mardi Gras uniforms were conveniently revealed during an event at Mardi Gras World.

The uniforms “signify and represent the relationship between a team, a city and a culture of a region,” the team said during the unveiling. And like other teams donning “Pride” unis this season — like the Indiana Pacers with their “Hoosiers”-inspired duds — the Pelicans will be allowed to wear the special uniforms six times during the upcoming season.

The statement from the Pelicans explains why the “Pride” uniforms must be sleeved (via Ball Don’t Lie):

The unveiling of the uniforms follows the NBA’s progression for teams that introduce a new identity. The first season, home and road uniforms are released, followed by an alternate uniform. The third year, teams can add a “Pride” uniform with required sleeves. The “Pride” uniforms utilize indigenous design elements or phrases or colors that are linked to the team’s local culture in a manner that enhances and extends the team’s identity.

Thankfully, Pierre the Pelican, the team’s former hell-spawned demon bird mascot, was nowhere to be seen during the unveiling … nor was King Crab Baby. Suffice to say, both of those developments should be viewed as encouraging things.

(top image via Pelicans/Twitter)