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New York Mets announce end of ‘homophobic’ Kiss-Cam routine


The New York Mets may be in the midst of a potentially miracle season on the field but something the team has been doing during home games at Citi Field has been met with much criticism, particularly on social media. So much so that the team announced it would immediately end the practice.

The Mets for some time have been engaging in a routine during the in-stadium Kiss-Cam bit commonplace in arenas and stadiums throughout sports where two players from the opposing ball club are featured. The insinuation of course is that it’s expected for the two guys to kiss. The intent, while done with a heavy dose of supposedly harmless humor, has been greeted with accusations of it being homophobic in nature. And the Mets have decided to put the kibosh on it altogether.

“We have, on occasion, included players from opposing teams in our popular in-game kiss cam feature,” a team spokesperson told HuffPost Live, via the New York Post. “While intended to be lighthearted, we unintentionally offended some. We apologize for doing so and no longer will include players in the feature. Our organization is wholly supportive of fostering an inclusive and respectful environment at games.”

Spearheading the movement against such shenanigans was Mets fan Etan Bednarsh, who has been campaigning for the Mets to end the routine all the way back to the beginning of the season. Obviously, his social media objections, and the outcry of many others, finally convinced those in charge of the Citi Field’s Kiss-Cam to change their ways.

(image via OutSports)