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Jerry Jones: Tony Romo ‘is a quarterback that can win Super Bowls’


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once again took to the airwaves to tout the championship-caliber merits of Tony Romo, singing the quarterback’s praises during a Friday radio interview.

Jones, like many, had to be left impressed with the poise Romo demonstrated in leading the Cowboys to a thrilling victory over the New York Giants last Sunday night. It became clear that it gave Jones Super Bowl fever when he insisted he remains confident Romo can lead the Cowboys to a championship.

And if that doesn’t pan out? Jones will be left devastated.

“Tony is really good,” Jones said on Dallas’ 105.3 KRLD-FM, via The Dallas Morning News. “I’ve said this and I want to restate it, if he should go through a career with the Cowboys and not have knocked on the door one time, I’m going to go as far as to say won a Super Bowl, it would be my biggest disappointment having owned this team.

“He is a quarterback that can win Super Bowls. He’s a franchise quarterback. I really would not, for what we got ahead of us, he’s who I want as opposed to a choice throughout the league.”

Jones has been nothing but loyal to Romo, through all the quarterback’s many trials and tribulations, mistakes and failures. He’s also a savvy businessman aware of how to promote his own product. It’s no surprise, then, that Double-J would double-down on Romo in such a manner.

“But still, we’re getting the best of him now, and the best of him is probably, in my mind, the best there is,” Jones said of Romo’s prospects of success this season.

As noted, Jones has stood behind his franchise quarterback time after time, even when it arguably was not warranted. And he will continue to do it so long as Romo remains the quarterback to which he’s hitched his championship-seeking wagon. It’s not like he has any other choice.

Let’s not forget, either: Romo, at 35, is no spring chicken. If he is “win Super Bowls,” as Jones put it, he better get to it.