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AHL’s Syracuse Crunch offer coaching gig to Donald Trump (video)


Minor league teams in all sports are well-known for pulling off wacky promotional stunts to generate a buzz, and the American Hockey League’s Syracuse Crunch are no different. In fact, the primary development affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning have a long history of engaging in such shenanigans, which is why it probably should not come as a surprise that the team has offered Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump a job on its coaching staff.

In a video published earlier this week Crunch senior VP of Business Operations Vance Lederman attempts to make a sales pitch worthy of spot on the next season of “The Apprentice” (although Trump isn’t affiliated with the program any longer).

No word if Trump, no stranger to getting his name thrown around in sports circles, has heard about the offer. Although given the fact that Trump has hair that rivals the follicle-based atrocity that is the hockey mullet, perhaps a deal can be swung.

“Trump’s a guy who has done things very untraditional so far,” said Syracuse owner Howard Dolgon, via “It certainly wouldn’t shock us if he took us up on a Brooklyn guy’s offer. Hopefully it’s something he’ll pursue.”

However unlikely that may be, pretty much anything that can be done to hitch one’s wagon to The Donald at this time certainly will garner attention, so the Crunch did well with this publicity-generating gambit.

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