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Jets trying to kill fans with four-egg ‘Jumbo Jet’ breakfast bagel (pic)


When it comes to culinary concession fare at professional sports stadiums, bigger isn’t always necessarily better. It’s up to each individual to determine where the new gastronomically intense offering at MetLife Stadium during New York Jets home games sits on that particular size-based spectrum.

Dubbed the “Jumbo Jet,” the gargantuan gut-bomb is a behemoth of breakfast bagel goodness.

The details, via First We Eat:

The Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel, made by Delaware North SportServices, comes on an absurdly large everything bagel that looks like a prop from the land of the lost, and it’s topped with not one but three patties: a half pound of Taylor Ham (or pork roll, as it’s called in the great state of Jersey), a one-pound chorizo patty, and an equally large breakfast sausage. The mutant bacon egg and cheese also comes with four fried eggs, four slices of American cheese, potato hash, and a side of ‘Jet Fuel’ (a spicy green chimichurri sauce).

The price? Fifty bucks. Mercy.

But that’s not all. The Jets rolled out — presumably with a hand truck — two other incredibly large culinary offerings.

Next up: The “Jumbo Jet Sausage,” 28 inches of smothered sausage that would give Bears superfan Tood O’Connor yet another cardiac event.


Toppings on this bad boy “include a pound of caramelized onions and sauerkraut and a half pound of German mustard.” Cost? $60. Yowsers.

Finally, behold, the “Jumbo Pretzel.”


First We Eat describes it as “being topped with half a pound of beer cheese, half a pound of ground chorizo, half a pound of fried jalapeños, brown mustard, and it’s served with a side of spicy green ‘Jet Fuel.'”

Goodness gracious. One practically needs a 50-gallon drum of antacids from just looking at those things … and possibly an angioplasty after eating one of them.

[H/T UPROXX, all images courtesy of the New York Jets]