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Darrell Bevell downplays Marshawn Lynch’s mom calling for his firing


Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was on the receiving end of a vitriolic diatribe on Facebook courtesy of Marshawn Lynch’s mom, in which she referred to him the “worst play-caller ever” and called for him to be fired. In response, all Bevell could do was laugh it off, saying such harsh criticism, even from such unlikely sources, is part and parcel of such a high-profile job.

“It comes with the territory,” he said. “I played quarterback, and that guy’s going to get more credit than he deserves, and people are going to be on him when you don’t win. So same with what I’m doing. I’m totally confident in what I’m doing. I’m totally confident that I’m trying to get our team in the best position to win. And I’m glad that she’s passionate about it.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll similarly joked about the entire situation, saying, “I haven’t seen the actual comments, but mom looking after her kid. There ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

Bevell said he hasn’t spoken to Lynch about his mother’s full-frontal Facebook attack, but indicated he doesn’t expect any residual tension to come of it.

Lynch’s mother appeared most displeased about how Bevell called an ill-fated run play on fourth down for her son during Sunday’s overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams, which again raised her ire over how Bevell should have given Lynch the ball on the pivotal play in Super Bowl XLIX. Instead, Russell Wilson ended up throwing a game-losing interception at the goal line.

Bevell observed that the ever-present “armchair quarterbacks” make second-guessing on plays gone wrong inevitable, allowing people to be “able to poke holes in whatever you’re doing.” He then assured everyone that the Seahawks are doing everything they can to be successful and win games.

“I can promise them that we’re spending a lot of time on what we’re doing,” he said. “There’s rhyme and reason for everything…”

Bevell probably just hopes he isn’t subjected to any more harsh criticism from Lynch’s mom.