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Chip Kelly surprised by media’s interest in size of his play card


Chip Kelly couldn’t quite believe it that the media seemed so keenly interested in how it seemed he was wielding a much smaller laminated play card during Monday night’s 26-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. So much so, in fact, that he jokingly quizzed reporters on whether they noticed any other seemingly trivial details.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach’s back-and-forth with the media about the play card began as follows, as transcribed by Crossing Broad:

Question: “Why the smaller play card?”

Kelly: “What’s that?”

Q: “Using a small play card…why?”

Kelly: “I’m confused.”

Q: “The play card. The S-8 play sheet.”

Kelly: “I just folded it differently.”

The size of play cards used on the sidelines by football coaches oftentimes reach ridiculous proportions, sometimes rivaling the unwieldy size of Denny’s menus — as the joke goes — a reference Kelly made in his implausible denial that the one he was using Monday was smaller.

“I just literally—we folded it,” he said. “We didn’t want it to look like a Denny’s menu so we went from Denny’s to a smaller restaurant. I just folded it. And I’ve got the creases in a little different spot, but wow.”

Kelly than cracked wise about the ridiculousness of the inquiries before asking if the media noticed anything else irrelevant in nature.

“I mean, we’re digging deep right now,” he said. “I did have the same shoelaces, I don’t know if you guys were looking at that. I know that’s what I shouldn’t have to talk three days in a row, if we’re talking about the size of play cards.”

Reporters also suggested that Kelly might have opted for a smaller play card after an ESPN camera peered over his shoulder and allowed the world an up-close look at the larger one during an appearance on “Monday Night Football” last season. Kelly played it off, but it’s possible that served as his motivation.