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Russell Westbrook showcases ‘unique’ sense of style in collection (pics)


If you are a fashion forward individual with a unique sense of style — say, quasi-transparent shirts featuring mesh-like material across the chest and abdomen that showcases a man’s nipples appeals to your tastes — then Russell Westbrook’s new collection for Barney’s is right up your alley.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar, renowned for his unmistakably individualistic fashion sense (also, see here and here) — along with a history of several forays into the high fashion world — released images of some new pieces in his “Russell Westbrook XO Barneys New York,” a collection Westbrook designed in conjunction with brands Public School and Del Toro shoes. And suffice to say, the pieces are decidedly far and away beyond how most folks choose to dress themselves.

First, Westbrook’s nipply top, presumably for men only.

The jersey tank version of the shirt retails for an astounding $150. Apparently one is paying far more for the name on the label than the material used to make the shirt. Although if one were to throw it on with a pair from Westbrook’s underwear line, it would make for some interesting — and expensive — pajamas.

For those interested in far less “frontal” displays of high fashion, Westbrook does offer some more conservative options.

Slipper-style shoes for $395? That’s … something. Perhaps almost as crazy as Westbrook’s aforementioned distinctly unique fashion sense.

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