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Rashad Jennings apologizes to Eli Manning for throwing him under the bus


New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings appeared to criticize others in the organization when he claimed “it’s always hard when they tell you not to score” following a controversial series of goal line plays in the team’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. In his weekly column published by the New York Post, Jennings offered up his sincerest apologies to the team, specifically Eli Manning, for what the headline referred to as throwing the quarterback “under the bus.”

Jennings opened his column with an apology to Manning.

First of all, let me say that I want to apologize from my heart for the negative light that I unintentionally cast my quarterback and friend Eli Manning in. I continue to have the utmost respect for him, and I have complete trust in his leadership. It is a strange and unwelcome feeling I have that after all these years as a professional football player, I finally get to experience the other side of how words can be misconstrued.

I see now how what I said could easily be misunderstood as an expression of resentment. I make no claims to be a perfect communicator. But I also assure that I had no ill will at all in stating what I did. Yet I admit in retrospect that I should not have shared that information with the world. I chose to do so, and for that choice, I am truly sorry.

Jennings also notes in his column he attempted to put out the fire caused by his comments by immediately reaching out to Manning as soon as he saw the headlines generated by apparent candor. He also indicated he apologized to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin as well.

The entire situation stemmed from Jennings’ first- and second-down runs from inside the 5-yard line with less than two minutes remaining and the Giants up 23-20. Jennings said afterward that he was specifically told, “Rashad, don’t score” before the carries, something Manning confirmed in a conference call Monday.

Jennings indicated in his column he will use what occurred as a learning experience going forward.