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DeMarco Murray on facing Cowboys: ‘I’m approaching it as any other game’


DeMarco Murray attempted to downplay the notion that there will be extra emotion, added intensity and increased tension come Sunday when his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles, squares with his his former squad, the Dallas Cowboys.

In fact, Murray, who signed a 5-year, $42 million deal with the Eagles in the offseason, called it “a normal game for me.”

“I’m approaching it as any other game,” he said. “I’m not looking at it as facing the Cowboys. I’m going through my normal routine, my normal preparation and not trying to do anything extra to worry about anything I don’t have to worry about. Just preparing like I always prepare for any other game.”

Murray, who once referred to his signing with the Eagles as “bittersweet,” says he still views his former teammates as “friends of mine,” and added he understands what happened was part of the business of professional football, and that in the end, Philadelphia was the right place for him.

“This is a true business,” he said. “I understand the business aspect of the NFL. It’s all about finding guys right for your system. I’m here. This is the best place for me. I want to be here. And this is the team that wanted me. I’ve moved on a long time ago.”

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett sung a similar tune about the business side of the game during a conference call Wednesday when indicating the organization as a whole wanted to keep Murray in the fold.

“Sometimes the business of the NFL gets in the way,” he said. “Opportunities are better for players to go elsewhere. DeMarco felt that was the case with him and the best thing for him was to go to Philadelphia.”

Murray, at least given his public comments, feels the same. And while it may be hard to believe it, Murray added above all else wants to approach Sunday’s showdown just like any other game.

“It’s in the past,” he said. “I’m over it. I think a lot of people are over it. We just got to continue the way we should prepare.”