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Redskins continue to avoid using Robert Griffin III’s likeness (pics)


The Washington Redskins of course have decided to hitch the organization’s wagon to Kirk Couins for the 2015 campaign, leaving them with a conundrum regarding how to handle not using Robert Griffin III, who up to a week or two ago was the face of the franchise in images related to the team in various social media and online campaigns.

The Redskins attempted to pull the old switcheroo on the image used for the homepage of the team’s official app, presumably with the hopes that the change would go unnoticed.


Unfortunately for them, D.C. Sports Bog picked up on the not-so-subtle switch, which had RG3’s likeness replaced with wide receiver Pierre Garcon.


As one can readily see, nothing else was changed other than replacing the now-benched quarterback relegated to third-string duty with a player who is more likely to contribute to the team’s success this season.

There is little doubt that the Redskins completely bungled the entire starting quarterback situation, from when head coach Jay Gruden named RG3 as the team’s starting quarterback during the offseason … until he anointed Kirk Cousins as the team’s starter. Griffin of course was and is dealing with the aftereffects of a concussion suffered during a preseason game, but Gruden went all-in on Cousins by naming him the starter for the entire season.

This left the promotional side of the organization scrambling, as evidenced by how the team avoided using RG3’s likeness in a series of countdown tweets tied to the amount of days left until the season that corresponded with a player’s jersey number.

It remains to be seen how the entire situation ultimately will play out regarding RG3’s future with the team, but one thing is certain: In the interim, the Redskins are doing everything possible to wipe Griffin’s likeness from anything remotely related to the team.