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Marshawn Lynch’s mom: Darrell Bevell ‘worst play-caller ever,’ should be fired


While it’s possible that Marshawn Lynch would prefer his mother Delia to tone down the rhetoric a tad, she nevertheless went nuclear on Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in a fiery Facebook post, even going so far as to suggest he be fired.

“Too the smart azz media who wrote that’s why marshawn didn’t get the ball in the superbowl ,how many times did russell get sacked yesterday,” she wrote. “Dont worry i will wait on the answer plus it was totally different at the superbowl the line was better than yesterday no blocking and to the offense caller who should have been fired yes i said it Fired !!! He is the worst play-caller ever the only reason he called that dumb azz play yesterday is to be able to justify the 1 yard that wasn’t called in the superbowl ,but most fans already figured this out .were still on a mission but i know the Seahawks staff loves that play caller more than a win ,go figure ‪#‎nfldontpayme# I love this team and will stand up to anybody who tries to destroy it boom!!!!”

What drew the ire of Lynch’s mother and inspired her vitriolic diatribe against Bevell was in part related to the controversy surrounding the offensive coordinator’s ill-fated play call in Super Bowl XLIX, when he opted not to have Russell Wilson stick the ball in her son’s gut from near the goal line on a play that instead resulted in Wilson throwing the game-losing interception.

The fact that Bevell then called for a handoff to Lynch on a critical fourth down play that failed in Sunday’s overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams was all the fuel Lynch’s mother needed, as it justified her belief that Bevell should have been fired immediately after the Super Bowl loss.

Given her loquacious demeanor in her social media musings, maybe Marshawn should ask his mother to handle his obligations with the media. Sure, he would get fined, but those sessions would certainly be more entertaining than what should be expected out of the tight-lipped running back as he reportedly will attempt to follow the NFL’s media availability policies and procedures.

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