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Ronda Rousey to reprise Patrick Swayze’s role in ‘Road House’


Ronda Rousey will continue her bid at becoming a major player in Hollywood by reportedly reprising the role originally played by Patrick Swayze in the 1989 flick “Road House.”

Brand Slater, Rousey’s agent, told MMA Fighting that the project is in its earliest stages, with a screenplay still needing to be written. Slater added that Rousey reached out to Swayze’s widow — the actor died in 2009 after a public battle with pancreatic cancer — to get permission to take on the role of Dalton, the hard-hitting bouncer who maintained order in a rough-and-tumble bar, the Double Deuce, courtesy of some serious brawling skills that included ripping the throat out of baddies who stood in his way of keeping the peace.

Suffice to say, Rousey’s intimidating presence and fighting pedigree makes her a perfect fit for the role.

“Production of the movie will be dictated, as always, by her fight schedule,” Slater said. “That’s how we always do it and that will be the case here.”

As noted in the report, the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion already has started to stake her claim as a draw outside of the world of mixed martial arts, making appearances in “The Expendables 3” and “Fast & Furious 7,” not to mention a heralded cameo in “Entourage.” She currently is scheduled to begin filming on a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and also is slated to portray herself in a biopic based upon her autobiography, “My Fight/Your Fight.”

Rousey’s star power obviously transcends her already-iconic status in the UFC. And her foray into acting is only one aspect of her ever-expanding bid to become a worldwide pop culture icon.

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