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Nationals make radio partner change post-win song for silly reason


If things weren’t bad enough for the Washington Nationals given how the team cannot escape a months-long downward spiral out of postseason relevancy, the front office appeared to be committed to bungling matters on its end as well.

Reports indicate that Nationals brass has asked the team’s official radio partner, 106.7 The Fan, to change up the tune it plays if and when the Nats actually win a ballgame.

Going on four years now, the Journey classic “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” would greet fans tuning into the postgame coverage following a Nationals win. And while some may bristle at the overt cheesiness to the Journey tune — or any tune from the band, for that matter, depending on one’s musical tastes, the fans seemed to love it and warmly accepted it as a traditional component of the broadcast.

Apparently, Nationals officials reached out to The Fan and put the kibosh any playing of Journey and replaced the band with Foo Fighters. And the reported reasons for the switch-up are arguably absurd at best.

Journey of course hails from San Francisco — and are huge backers of the National League rival Giants — and Nats officials wondered why the radio station couldn’t find a more regionally appropriate band and choose a song from their catalog. GivenĀ  Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl spent some of his formative years in Springfield, Va., the alt-rock band was suggested. After experimenting with some songs, “Times Like These” was settled on earlier this summer for the post-win soundtrack.

The Nationals’ ultimate decision to pull the plug on the beloved Journey classic was apparently exacerbated by how former Journey frontman Steve Perry sang “Don’t Stop Believin'” when the Nationals were in town for the 2014 NLDS.

Still, it’s downright silly that the Nationals officials would occupy themselves with such arguably inconsequential issues, but given how the team has gone in the tank on the field, perhaps it is symptomatic of overall organizational dysfunction.

This just in: The Nationals are quickly becoming Major League Baseball’s version of the Washington Redskins. Maybe it’s something in the water.

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