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DeSean Jackson isn’t sold on Redskins’ chances of contending this season


DeSean Jackson was one of the NFL superstars briefly profiled in the upcoming NFL preview issue from GQ magazine. The Washington Redskins wide receiver was asked how he felt about the chances the team can be a contender in the 2015 NFL season, and the manner in which he responded was about as awkward as it can get.

Do you feel like you guys will contend this year?

Long silence. “Uh… how ’bout I say, uh… Let me see what I can answer to that question….”

Players typically will give a far more positive response to such an answer, even if they openly hedge their bets a bit with comments such as “If we say healthy…” or “On any given Sunday” or some other cliched qualifier. But Jackson’s response was distinctly noncommittal at best, a complete dismissal at worst. Either way, Redskins fans cannot be encouraged that one of the team’s most talented players doesn’t appear to be too hyped about the upcoming season.

The Redskins seem to be in a perpetual state of disarray and dysfunction, and the team’s bungled handling of the quarterback situation when Robert Griffin III was unceremoniously benched and Kirk Cousins was inserted as starter only proves that the organization often seems incapable of getting out of its own way. With that in mind, perhaps Jackson has more than ample reason to have a lukewarm-at-best attitude regarding the prospects of the team enjoying any semblance of success in the coming season. In all honesty, it’s hard to blame him for his less-than-glowing endorsement on what very well could turn into a season of nightmarish proportions.

It almost could make a player like Jackson wish they were still operating in the laboratory of mad scientist/head coach Chip Kelly. Maybe.