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LeBron James plays far better when wearing patented headband


Much has been made about LeBron James’ sometimes knee-jerk decisions to ditch his patented headband for certain games, but most of it appeared to be a stylistic choice and even an attempt to build team unity, as the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar once explained it. Perhaps most surprising is how fans and media become transfixed on such seemingly innocuous thing.

Well, it appears that not only does the absence of the headband have an impact on how James appears on the court, it also affects how he plays on it.

According to some number-crunching by a reddit user, James plays far worse statistically speaking sans headband when compared to when he sports it. The same goes for when he accessorizes his on-court appearance with an arm sleeve.


Utterly fascinating. The data clearly shows that when it comes to James’ headband, there is as much substance to it as there is style. And given that the first time James has ever went sans headband for an entire game in his professional career just came last season, there presumably must be some semblance of a comfort level associated with the gear.

It looks cool, too, so that helps, not to mention how the headband also helps mask his rapidly receding hairline, which never hurts.

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