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Jeb Bush talks fantasy football draft, says he selected ‘Too many Bills’


The standard adage when it pertains to matters such as these has always been, “No one cares about your fantasy team.” But in the wacky world of presidential race politics, even the fantasy football draft selections by a potential Republican nominee can make it into the news cycle, as evidenced by how Jeb Bush breaking down his draft picks on Twitter has become a topic of conversation.

And in essence, Bush appears to be suffering drafter’s remorse over selected too many Buffalo Bills players.

Bush makes reference of selecting Bills back LeSean McCoy — a definitely solid pick — with other two playing for the Buccaneers and Giants, respectively. But he doesn’t mention what other players from the squad made it onto his team. Hopefully, one of those players wasn’t EJ Manuel — for many reasons, of course — but especially due to the fact that the Bills brought back Matt Cassel to back up Tyrod Taylor, only days after cutting the quarterback.

For what it’s worth, though, Bush mentioned in an earlier tweet that he drafted Rob Gronkowski and Peyton Manning, so it looks like he’s doing alright in the tight end and quarterback departments. Probably.

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