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Brandon Marshall claims weight loss was inspired by infomercial


Count Brandon Marshall among those individuals who have had their interest piqued by one of those infomercial ads that run incessantly on television. In the New York Jets wide receiver’s case, though, he actually did something about it.

The infomercial that spurred Marshall into action was a spot for a radical weight loss program, and he says the infomercial served as inspiration for shedding some unneeded weight this past offseason.

“My wife and I started this diet called the ‘21-Day Fix,’ I believe it’s called,” Marshall told reporters Monday, via the New York Daily News. “So we were on St. Barts, family vacation right after OTAs. We’re laying in the bed and this infomercial came on, and I was like ‘That’s pretty cool,’ so we tried it and we both lost a lot of weight.”

Marshall claims to have lost 13 pounds on the infomercial-spawned diet. He adds that living with Geno Smith, who he defended in the wake of the “Jawgate” debacle, was part of the problem due to the apparent unhealthiness of the quarterback’s diet.

“Today I was 230,” he said. “I’ve been playing the last couple years around 236, but I came in this offseason at 243. Really wasn’t focused on losing it until the end of OTAs. Geno had a lot of pizza at his house.”

So there you have it. In a surprising twist, an infomercial actually served a constructive purpose instead of simply filling up dead air time on daytime or late-night television.

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