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Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels ‘happy’ for Tom Brady


New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels became one of the few members of the organization who actually said something of some substance in the wake of Thursday’s ruling that nullified Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Unlike his boss, Bill Belichick, who had a relatively benign response — shocking — to what it’s like to have Brady back in the fold, McDaniels said he’s happy for Brady over how things played out.

He did indicate, though, that Brady’s return to the lineup for next week’s season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers really hasn’t changed how the team has been preparing for the game.

“Happy for Tom and this week hopefully we’ll be able to focus on just football, and he’ll be able to do that,” he said, via the Boston Herald. “Quite honestly, it hadn’t changed a whole lot of what we did up to this point. Our preparation for the Steeler game should be normal and that’s kind of how it’s gone the last so many months anyway, trying to get everybody prepared for the season and get the three quarterbacks a lot of repetition and try to improve everybody that we could at every position. But happy for Tom, but just focus on what’s in front of us, which is a really good team in Pittsburgh.”

McDaniels also praised Brady for how he continued to get ready for the season — regardless of exactly when it would have started for him — despite the many distractions, saying the quarterback is “a veteran player with a lot of experience” who has “had to deal with different types of adversities and distractions in the past.”

Brady’s presence — not that backupĀ Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn’t have performed well in his stead during any suspension — obviously makes McDaniels’ job a lot easier. So to say he’s happy that he’ll have Brady running his plays probably is a relative understatement.

(image via FOX News)