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Miguel Cabrera blasts umpire after game over ejection


Miguel Cabrera would have had ample reason to be surly after the Detroit Tigers were thrashed 12-1 by the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday. But most of his anger stemmed not from the outcome of the game but how he was ejected in the fourth inning after arguing balls and strikes.

The slugger believes his ejection was arbitrary given third-base umpire and crew chief Gary Cederstrom — not Quinn Wolcott, the ump behind home plate — was the one who ejected him.

“I try to do my job. I try to get on base,” Cabrera said, via “We got a long game, so if you try to do your job and the umpire [doesn’t] let you do it, why do we play this game? Why are we there, if we try so hard for [this game], and they throw you out whenever they want to throw you out?

“That’s his fault. That’s not my fault. He calls pitches down, inside, up and in. That’s not my fault. I’m just doing my job. That’s it.”

Cabrera clearly was upset over a pitch called for a third strike that he believed to be a ball. As he walked back to the dugout, Cabrera had some words for Wolcott and then was ejected by Cederstrom.

It’s unclear exactly what prompted Cederstrom to toss Cabrera, but the Tigers slugger appeared to gesture at the third-base ump while making his way back to the dugout. One thing is clear, though, Cabrera remained unhappy with Cederstrom after the game.

“He don’t got nothing to do with that play,” Cabrera said. “I don’t know. Eventually, [the media is] gonna write something and Major League [Baseball] is gonna fine me, so I don’t care. What am I gonna do? I didn’t do anything.”

(image via FOX Sports)