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Mark Cuban weighs in on Deflategate ruling, says NFL is ‘freaking out’


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has been known to be a vocal critic of the NFL at times, weighed in on the embarrassing loss the league suffered when its four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was nullified by U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman in a ruling issued Thursday morning.

The Dallas Morning News’ reprinted a communique from Cuban — which was sent to the paper before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement in which he indicated the league plans to appeal the ruling — exactly as it was sent to them.

So Tom Brady’s suspension is overturned. No question the NFL is freaking out. Not because they care whether Brady plays or not.

Based on what the analysts are saying is the basis of the decision, the lack of transparency by the NFL was the reason the suspension was dismissed.

Brady didn’t have access to all the information the NFL had. So he couldn’t present a defense. So the game was rigged.

In a manner of speaking the courts “deflated” the NFLs ability to be judge and jury. There is no way the NFL or any league wants to have to share everything they know in a discipline situation. Particularly since everything leaks in this day and age

I can’t wait to hear what our lawyers at the NBA say about the decision.

It may be that all the big pro sports have an issue that we have to address together.

Or maybe this is a new precedent that creates a fairer system

Time will tell.

Cuban certainly makes some compelling points, and it certainly is clear that he believes the issues debated in this case go far beyond the NFL and could have a tangible impact on how the NBA conducts business.

Judge Herman took Goodell to task for meting out “his own brand of industrial justice,” per an AP report, and indicated he found the NFL’s treatment of Brady “fundamentally unfair.”

It seems Cuban and Herman — even though the NBA owner might not like it to some extent —  just might see eye-to-eye on many issues related to the case.