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Anonymous Redskins teammate: RG3 would be good fit with Eagles


As the fallout continues following the benching of Robert Griffin III that presumably will end his Washington Redskins career, an anonymous teammate now is offering up ideas for RG3 to resurrect his floundering career. And it doesn’t involve staying in D.C.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports on Facebook that when asked what other team he could envision RG3 playing for, the “anonymous offensive starter” said the quarterback could find success as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Philly. I think he could be really good there,” the teammate told Anderson. “That is what he ran in college. That’s the type of system that I’m sure he can imagine himself in … knowing how fast-paced it is, knowing how he can run, seeing what Nick Foles did in it, what Michael Vick did in it. I think he would definitely thrive.”

When asked if Griffin’s time in D.C. is nearing its end, the teammate seemed wary of ever having to play against RG3 with another team.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It would be weird and I would hate to have to prepare against a guy like that. An angry Robert Griffin? I don’t know if I want to see that.”

The anonymous player also addressed what it will be like to play with Kirk Cousins, and like Pierre Garcon, appears to be looking forward to it. But he insisted success is more important than anything.

“I just want to win games at at the end of the day,” he said. “I know (Kirk) can play so, I just want to help him out, and just be a good team for once and eliminate the drama.”

The entire situation in D.C. is a complete and utter debacle. Whether or not the Redskins can win with Cousins under center is one thing; whether the team can prosper under the crushing weight of dysfunction that has typified the organization for years is another thing altogether.

Meanwhile, RG3 may just continue quoting Bible passages and blaming interns for social media gaffes until he’s free from it all.

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