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Pierre Garcon: RG3 can be ‘a great player on any team that he goes to’


As the fallout from Robert Griffin III’s benching and the subsequent elevation of Kirk Cousins to the starting quarterback position continues to run roughshod over the Washington Redskins locker room, Pierre Garcon came forward to praise the new starting signal-caller while curiously seeming to imply that RG3’s tenure with the Redskins has come to an end.

The wide receiver first was effusive in his praise of Cousins during an appearance Tuesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Kirk is a very enthusiastic guy,” Garcon said, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “He commands the huddle, he has a lot of faith in us, that we can help him do well. He is a natural-born leader, he’s definitely been planning for that for a long time. You can tell from what kind of person he is that he’s a leader, he’s been doing it for a long time and he’s excited about the opportunity.”

While some may take Garcon’s praise of Cousins as a shot at RG3 — which it may be — the wide receiver nevertheless indicated the benched quarterback can still have a successful career, but the manner in which he made the observation is ominous to say the least.

“Oh yeah, he definitely can,” Garcon said. “You know, football is all about learning and advancing. We all come into the league, we’re excited, we play well, and then the second year or third year, people start to catch onto you. You have to find other ways to be better and continue to stay better, and keep working hard on what got you there … But Robert has been a great player himself, already. So he’ll definitely be a great player on any team that he goes to and help them out.”

It certainly doesn’t bode well for RG3 that one of his teammates already believes Griffin and the Redskins have reached the point of no return. But in many ways, it may be the best thing for all parties involved for RG3 to move on.

(image via Bleacher Report)